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Claire’s Picks: 5 Candles I’m Loving Right Now Including Le Labo’s Figue 15, Lit’s 1989, Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay, and More!

As I sat last night, indulgently inhaling the scent of Figue 15 in my boudoir, I thought: the world needs to smell this!
Though I’m typically a little queasy with candles (I’m afraid of fires), it seems I’ve built up quite the stash of glorious smelling options.
Read on for 5 of my faves:

1. Figue 15 by Le Labo
My friend Carlos received this candle in a gift bag at a high end party, and was kind enough to regift it to me on my birthday! I wasn’t mad at all–this candle smells FANTASTIC. It filled my room with sensual notes of fig and blackcurrant. At $75 it’s a splurge, but a worthy gift to yourself or someone else. Trust me on this one. Get it at Saks.

2. Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay
What can I say? I have great friends with great taste. This one came courtesy of my girl Stephanie as a housewarming gift. This candle has a woodsy scent reminiscent of blackberries and brambles. Intrigued? Get yours for $65 at Saks.

3. Lit Brooklyn 1989
If you don’t have a Lit candle in your house, you’re seriously missing out! I absolutely love their 1989 candle, which boasts a heady mixture of almond and patchouli. This one is more affordable at $30 and bonus: it’s black owned. Get yours here.

4. Diptyque’s Roses
Into more sweeter scents? Diptyque Roses candle has got you covered. Fill your home with the intoxicating smell of a freshly picked bouquet of flowers. Cop this at Nordstrom.

5. Sol De Janeiro
Sol De Janeiro has some of the best smelling products on the market. I’m a fan of their bum bum cream, foot cream, and brazilian kiss lip butter! They recently came out with a candle that I can’t seem to find available for sale online, but trust me when I say that it smells just as good as the rest of their product offerings (if you’ve smelled their bum bum cream, it’s the same scent). Stay tuned here for buying details or contact the kind people at Sol de Janeiro here.
I never thought I’d be a candle person, but here I am, yapping about it.
If you have suggestions for other brands you absolutely LOVE, leave ’em below and I’ll happily give them a burn.
Love + Light!

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