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Claire’s Life: What to Wear to The 2024 Studio Museum in Harlem Luncheon + My Pink Maison Tai Tweed Dress

Happy Wednesday!

The Bomb Life has been busy busy busy! I’ve been in New York for a little under a week and I’ve been outside every.single. day. I’m excited to have a ‘day off’ today to do what I love to do: write!

First up, a quick recap of the Studio Museum in Harlem Spring 2024 Luncheon:

I went to my first one last year, and just did not know the dress code (psst, there is no official dress code, BUT the women who lunch typically wear bright colors or pastels, florals, lots of jewelry–think Van Cleef, Cartier, Tiffany–and a bomb bag).

Last year, I was not prepared/ready for the fabulosity of said luncheon.

This year, I came with a custom tweed Maison Tai gown, my mini Kelly, and Piferi sandals.

It’s always wonderful to support a good cause in style, all the while networking with amazing women like Aisha McShaw, Jerri Devard, Stephanie Horton, and more.

Find out how you can support the Studio Museum in Harlem at

What do you think?

Love & Light,

Images: Sone Jr

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