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Claire’s Life: The Strength of a Woman 2024 Summit with Taraji P. Henson, Kim Kimble, and More Wearing Naked Wardrobe, Rick Owens, and Aminah Jillil

Happy Wednesday!

Strength of a Woman means, to me, triumphing in the face of adversity. I encountered a unique sort of adversity when getting ready to talk about style at Strength of a Woman alongside Kim Kimble, Bevy Smith, and Tahira Joy: I had nothing to wear!

A brand had sent me a look, but it wasn’t flattering (to me), so I shopped my closet. I bought this Rick Owens dress last summer and it was too tight. It was still a little too tight, but with some strategic hand placement I made it work. My Naked Wardrobe trench and some snazzy Aminah Jillil sandals, and I was ready to chat about fashion and hair, and how to find your personal style.

As I said on my panel, you might not always get it right, but you’ll live to slay another day. I personally liked my look (!), and it seems other women who attended the event, including Taraji P. Henson and Crystal Hayslett had also opted for head to toe cream looks for the day:

While I didn’t get a chance to kick it with Mary this year, I still had a delightful time speaking and networking with fellow Bombshells.

Until next year!

Love & Light,

Images: Salvatore DeMaio

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