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Claire’s Life: Day 3 of NYFW (Still Mourning) Wearing an Alysse NY Black Feather Bomber and a Dejroune Milan Black Leather Skirt

So I’m still mourning the loss of my Dad.

But even though I have cried almost every day since he passed on January 2nd, life goes on. I’ve put on a happy face and gone to work! That said, I wanted to continue to show that I was grieving during NYFW. This was one of those looks (and one of those days).

For Day 3, I wore an Alysse NYC feathered bomber and a Dejroune Milan leather skirt, along with thigh high boots and my go to Birkin Bag.

Grief never goes away (really). You just learn to deal with it and keep tissues handy (my triggers are looking at old photos and/or talking about him!). But crying is ok. Don’t apologize (I am still working on that). Just own it, and again, know that you grieve greatly because you loved greatly. Simple.

Love & Light,

Images: Sone Jr/Karya Street Style

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