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Claire’s Life: Celebrating Legendary Damon’s Birthday in New York and LA in Red Lynx Retrofete Pants and a Sequined Z Crave Keyhole Dress

Cue Eddie Murphy’s, “Party All the Time.”

I actually don’t like to party, BUT I DO love to celebrate my friends like Legendary Damon! The party curator had birthday parties in New York and LA, and I went to both!

I’ve known Damon for years and years, and even interviewed him (I need to get back to doing these interviews, but I’ve been so busy!!).

At any rate, Damon’s parties always attract models, socialites, fashion lovers, and dancers.

Emil Wilbekin, Ty Hunter, Me, Damon, and Eugene

It’s always a fun crowd, with great music!

I’ve been feeling monochromatic as of late, so was the lady in red in a coat I scored from ASOS, a Michael Kors bodysuit, Retrofete pants, and Cult of Coquette pumps from

I am flying to LA tonight! Stay tuned for more from the Bomb Life!

Love & Light,

*I also went to Damon’s party in LA, and wore a dress by Zcrave to the Festivities, along with Schutz boots:

I took pix with my friends Claudine Joseph, Sharif, Joshua, and Fiskani from The Ivy Showroom…

…but not with Damon because he came late! And after he made his grand entrance, I had to go home. BUT I caught him in NYC!

**Images: Star the Star/ Frank Vazquez

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