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Throwback Thursday: At NYFW with Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Solange Knowles, and more + Be Patient and Trust Your Journey (You Will Get There One Day!)

So I used to be that chick. You know…that chick at New York Fashion Week who would go, armed with a digital camera, taking selfies with every star in sight. Facebook reminded me of that girl yesterday with this throwback picture of Brad Goreski and I from 2008. It made me think of all the other celebs I smized with during NYFW, like Kim Kardashian, who posed for this shot in 2009. I would like to do a praise dance…

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Throwback Thursday: Reflections on the 2013 Blogging While Brown Conference + Sometimes It’s Just about Who Will Be the Last One Standing

Today, I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. The 5am rule be darned. I kept on pressing snooze. The weight of all I had to do, plans for the future, and life stresses kept me clinging to my pillow, snuggled under the covers, putting my phone on vibrate and muting notifications. The night before, I had been meandering on Youtube, and happened upon this video from 2013 from the Blogging while Brown Conference. Angel Laws of Concrete Loop, Necole…

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Throwback Thursday: I Started Fashion Bomb Daily Approximately 10 Years Ago, Today

Thursdays are always for Throwbacks, and I always want to reflect on where I was several years ago, on the date of my latest entry. While preparing breakfast this morning, I realized that I started Fashion Bomb Daily approximately 10 years ago, today. I had to go back 3,224 pages on the current site to get to that first post, penned August 29th, 2006. It was a Claire’s Life post without a picture of me (I would eventually emerge at…

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Throwback Thursday: Cocktails with Claire 2008 at Pinky Rose Boutique

You gotta love Facebook memories! Today, I was reminded of one of the very first Cocktails with Claire, which took place at LA’s Pinky Rose Boutique on July 28, 2008. A handful of Bombshells gathered at the cute store. My boyfriend at the time bought a handle of vodka and made drinks himself. I got my makeup done at the MAC counter at Beverly Center. I found somewhere to do my hair, but the front didn’t dry, so the front…

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Throwback Thursday: My Shoot with Mario Epanya + Revisiting the Idea of Vogue Africa

You know how on Facebook, they now show you memories from years back? The following images of my shoot with Paris based photographer and makeup artist Mario Epanya bubbled onto my feed earlier this week. And I was so into my ‘Yassss’ mode that I made it a cover photo for my personal Facebook page. Mario and I met back in 2010 when I lived in Paris. Mr. Epanya was in the news at the moment for imagining covers of…

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