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The State of Fashion: Has the Corona Virus Killed Retail? Macy’s Lays off 130,000 Employees as the Virus Casts a Deathly Pall Over the Industry

The Corona Virus continues to upend our world as we know it. Today, a Reuters article announced that Macy’s has decided to ‘furlough’ (temporarily lay off with no pay) most of its 130,000 employees due to the negative economic impact Covid-19 has had on sales. 

With non essential businesses closed until further notice, large Brick & Mortar stores like Macy’s 34th street flagship have suffered greatly. With store closings extended for another 2-4 weeks, we can only pray that this does not lead to the end for the iconic American retailer.

In times like these, when families are focused on essentials, financials, and keeping their heads above water, it’s hard to think about fashion. Fashion is a luxury, and clothes are for going places, not sitting inside, staring out the window for signs of life.

Now, we can’t even indulge in fashion for entertainment with marquee style focused events like the Cannes Film Festival, Met Gala, Men’s Fashion Week, and Couture Fashion Week postponed until further notice.


Our community has tried to find some positivity in the midst of this unprecedented situation, whether banding together to make masks for hospital workers, creating their own couture masks to wear in the comfort of their homes, or stepping out and creating art that points to a potential new fashion reality of face coverings and gloves.

@ SwankyJerry and @ OfficialMerceyeke by @ LeonPhotographyNG

Out of darkness comes light. And we can only hope that once this madness finally ends, we will rebound like no other. Jobs will return, going outside can be celebrated, and we’ll have all sorts of looks to make up for lost time.

The world has been here before with wars, recessions, and depressions. We made it through before. The sun will shine again.

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