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The Art of Letting Go: Lessons from My Makeup Bag & Bergdorf Goodman

Yesterday, I did something my borderline hoarding spirit almost rebuked: I threw away an old makeup bag. It was a rainbow striped option I’d gotten from the drugstore. I replaced it with a marbled one with compartments I scored on Amazon. In my old makeup bag were two almost empty bottles of MAC foundation that I was holding on to ‘just in case.’ A couple brushes. A purple lipgloss that was at least 5 years old. And a few other…

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The State of Fashion: Has the Corona Virus Killed Retail? Macy’s Lays off 130,000 Employees as the Virus Casts a Deathly Pall Over the Industry

The Corona Virus continues to upend our world as we know it. Today, a Reuters article announced that Macy’s has decided to ‘furlough’ (temporarily lay off with no pay) most of its 130,000 employees due to the negative economic impact Covid-19 has had on sales.  With non essential businesses closed until further notice, large Brick & Mortar stores like Macy’s 34th street flagship have suffered greatly. With store closings extended for another 2-4 weeks, we can only pray that this does not lead to…

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