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I’ve Worked from Home for 10 Years: 5 Ways to Stay Sane and Be Productive During the CoronaVirus Quarantine

After quitting my job, moving to Paris, then moving back to New York, I found myself self employed (read about my journey here). My basement became my office, and it was up to me to create work–and entertainment–for myself.

Was I bored? Hell yeah! And I missed the water cooler conversations. And while I got human interaction from going to parties and industry events, when times were slow, I was beside myself with boredom. But I have survived, and now I’m here to offer those of you who are currently quarantined a few tips I used to stay happy and productive:

  1. Set a routine

I love to sleep. LOVE! Sometimes it’s nothing for me to sleep until noon on weekends. But during the week, it’s not play time–it’s time to work, especially because people’s work days start earlier, so if you sleep late, you already fall behind. So, create a schedule that works for you. I wake up at 9am, dedicate my morning to working out, eating breakfast, and planning my day, then I hit the desk at noon. I split my day into 3-4 hour intervals of focused work ( from 12-4pm and 5:30-8:30pm). I set daily goals in the morning, then allow myself one hour to eat, rest or watch TV in between. If you want to be productive, get organized!

2. Work Out

I’ve mastered the living room work out. Get a jump rope and commit to doing as many as you can (my goal number is 500). Don’t have a jump rope? Try burpees, push ups, or sit ups.

3. Brainstorm new potential sources of income

As an entrepreneur, I can’t rely on one stream of income to take care of all my necessities. I write books, offer consultations, speak, and host. During the Quarantine, I’ve started my new podcast and started doing live interviews on Instagram (and I’m currently seeking sponsors for both; details here). While ad dollars are not guaranteed, create the content first, make it successful, then ask around. Even if you ask 100 people, if you get 99 “No’s” you only need one Yes! So after you’ve created content, pitch yourself. Put yourself out there, even if that means paying for promo.

4. Work on your passion projects

Since the Quarantine started, I’ve started writing my 2nd book, planning events for the Fall (GOD willing they can still happen), and kickstarted my podcast. As I wrote here, now is the time to scratch things off that bucket list.

5. Go Outside

Stay away from strangers

While we are all urged to stay home, we are allowed to leave the house for essentials, like groceries or medicine. Walk to the grocery story (while taking hand sanitizer and minding not to touch your face). Don’t want to risk it? Try your front porch, back yard, patio, or just stick your head out the window! The virus, from what I understand, is not transmitted in the air. The risk comes when you come into contact with someone who has the Virus and then touch your face. Of course practice social distancing, but a doctor friend of mine (who I interviewed for my first podcast) said taking a walk, even if it’s a lap around your block, is totally fine. Of course do your research, but we are humans. It’s Springtime. We are meant to feel the sun and breathe fresh air, even if it’s just for our emotional health. So even if it means stepping out of your patio or popping out your front door (then washing your hands afterwards), do what you need to to stay happy and healthy.

Love & Light,

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