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The Bomb Life Fitness: My Hotel Work Out

Alight guys! I am on Day 18 of 30 days of fitness! It’s hard to stay motivated without a trainer! It’s also difficult to find time when you’re busy. Thankfully, my trainer Rustin Steward gave me the following at home workouts. They take 45 minutes each and get the job done! Monday: Core workout: do 1x Plank with leg left 15 reps each side Side plank hold for 30 sec V-ups 15 reps Bicycles 20 reps each side Workout A.…

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Claire’s Life: 30 Days of Fitness until New York Fashion Week

Happy Tuesday! If you’ve been following my Instastory or Snapchat, you’d know that I am 8 days in to a self imposed workout plan, affectionately dubbed 30 days of fitness until #NYFW. That’s right. I am working out every single day until the shows begin. My work outs entail training sessions with Rustin Steward (above), slow trots/fast walks through the streets, and precipitous Citibike cycling, risking life and limb. I’ve also changed my diet! I’ve eliminated meat (yes, I watched…

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No More Excuses: I’m Getting Fit in 2017

Though I said I only had one resolution for 2017, I lied. I’m also committed to losing weight. I’ve been a size 10 literally all my life. If anything, I’m consistent! I have clothes from high school that I can still fit into! But even though my waist is the same size, some things are a little jigglier: my arms. My legs. My neck! I digress. I decided that I’m going to finally stop making excuses and just go for…

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