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This is 40: 5 Reflections on Love and Life in Nigerian Designer Tope FNR Crystal Mesh Dress, Flaunt ALT Earrings, and Jennifer Le Glaciar Pumps

So on January 12th, I celebrated my 40th Birthday!!!

Celebrating a milestone birthday during Quarantine is not ideal, but I felt allll the love through my phone!! I had a wonderful day full of flowers and gifts, topped off by a birthday dinner (outside) with some of my oldest friends.

I am headed somewhere warm tomorrow to continue the celebration!

As I reflect on my FORTY YEARS ON THIS EARTH (OMG), I have 5 lessons I’ve learned that I’d love to impart.

Read on below:

  1. Happiness is Priceless: It’s also a Choice.

Newsflash: material things won’t make you happy. While I am a typical overachieving Capricorn with the goal of at least a Billion dollars in the bank (!) I also realize that all the ‘things’ in the world mean absolutely nothing if you don’t have people you love surrounding you to share it with. You can’t put a price on amazing relationships, family, health…things we all take for granted. I am blessed to have all that and more!

2. Energy is Real. Positive Vibes Only.

During this time, I’ve been able to get more centered both spiritually and mentally. “Energy” is real and palpable, and for this year and forever I will be a proponent of only good, positive vibes. If you love me, welcome. And if you don’t, Deuces!!!!!!!! Ain’t nobody got time for funky attitudes and bad intentions.

3. Everything You Ask For, You Will Get. Prayer Works.

It’s happened so many times in my life where I wanted something, and then suddenly one day, it’s there. It creeps into your orbit so slyly you sometimes don’t even realize it. Does it appear by magic? No. Does it come easily? Definitely not! And sometimes you don’t really want what you ask for. But looking back at all my goals…to live full time from my blog. Live in Paris. I even visualized wearing this Lynx Coat!!

Everything big or small can be yours once you set your intention and work towards it. Just be specific. I visualized wearing this Konstantine Furs Coat, but didn’t visualize having to take it back after my photo shoot, lol. So be specific about what you want, i.e. “I want a Lynx Coat to keep.” My Prayer is to be invisible to my enemies and to continue to be allowed to pursue my passion without hindrance.

4. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Will some people tell you no? Heck yeah! Focus on the people who support you, rally behind you, and say “Yasssss!!!” Life is not perfect, but the key to satisfaction is to always be thankful for the ‘wins’ vs. focus on the ‘losses.’

5. Start with the Woman in the Mirror.

I used to blame others or the world when things didn’t go my way. 40 is about taking accountability and understanding that the only person responsible for my life is me. If you want more, you have to do more. Even if you think you’re doing your best: Do better. Commit yourself to excellence. I can still improve in so many ways. I could be less impulsive, more energetic, eat less delicious popcorn, the list goes on. But I am a work in progress. And I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds.

I know I don’t update the Bomb Life enough to have regular readers, but if you’re here, I want you to know I appreciate you. I would not be able to live my dreams without you. I hope that I’ve been able to encourage and pour into you half as much as you’ve poured into me.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the most enriching part of life is being able to enrich others.

Love & Light,

*My birthday dress is by @ TopeFNR. The stunning piece took 4 people 100 hours to create. Each embellishment is hand placed on sheer mesh dyed to match my skin tone. I accessorized my look with earrings from Flaunt ATL and Jennifer Le Glaciar Crystal Pumps.

*I also did a shoot wearing a Kynamah Tamara Sweater Dress and Cult of Coquette Jane Patent Boots from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop.

*For my bday Dinner, I switched it up again in a Capricorn sweatshirt by DBlueDazzled, a Zara skirt, and Balenciaga boots.

Many of these designers are minority women, and I will continue to do what I can to advocate for women and men who deserve a seat at the table.

Images: Vincenzo Dimino

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