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The Bomb Spa: Ole Henriksen in Los Angeles

Happy Friday, folks!
To say that LA has rolled out the red carpet would be an understatement. Yesterday, I started my day with a relaxing ‘red carpet’ facial at Ole Henriksen (8622 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069).
I settled in for a ‘Hydra Facial’ which included micro dermabrasion and the application of several serums.
I enjoyed it. My only ‘qualm’ was that I prefer the extractions where someone goes ham and digs into your pores. At this spa, they use a machine that basically sucks out all the impurities. It is gentler, yes, but perhaps I am old school and like a little torture.
At any rate, it was wonderful and extremely relaxing. Shout out to Fashion Bombshell Sandy who extended this amazing service.

Ladies (and gents), if there is anything I’d like to convey to you via this site, it’s to treat yourself well (and allow others to treat you well also). You work hard, so play hard. Do the work, but also take the time to rejuvenate. Get a massage. Get a facial. Relax.
You deserve it.
Love & Light,

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