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The Bomb Spa: Ohm Spa & Lounge in New York

Happy Sunday, folks!
I am super duper low key right now. I know Fashion Month is going to be killer (I am doing New York, then going to London, Milan, and Paris!) and I am actually flying to LA in a week to do some more interviews and photo shoots. So in the days leading up to the craziness, I am taking care of myself. Writing a ton, getting my house in order, working out every single day (more on that later), and treating myself well.
Yesterday, I had a signature spa and facial at Ohm Spa:

I didn’t bring my phone in (cardinal rule #1, the point is to escape!), so I didn’t take any pictures, so these stock photos will have to do.

So the Pros: My massage was AHMAZING. No, homegirl didn’t kneed my foot like dough, but she did a pretty good job with my problem area and did an excellent job with the rest of my body. I felt soooooo relaxed. Tell me, is there a spa where you can get a massage and take a nap after? I always feel like napping.

Also, my facial was bomb. Just one of the products had a bit of a funky smell, but everything was great. My facialist gave me a sample size of a product + recommendations to clear up my problem area when we were done.

Cons? There weren’t many. I thought the waiting room could have been more luxe, but we’re in New York with limited space.

Overall, the reviews online of Ohm are outstanding (4 out of 5 stars), and I’d give them a good 4.5. If they could giving the waiting room a makeover or move to a bigger space, it would be 5 stars. Great service, great nibbles, I definitely felt refreshed and will return!

The damage was $300 plus tip. A splurge, but self care is priceless! Visit Ohm Spa in NYC at 260 5th avenue on the 5th floor. Call 212 – 845 – 9812 to make an appointment. And if you want to give someone you love (or me!) the gift of relaxation, click here.
I am on a Spa kick. I need to go every month. Tell me about some of your favorite spas in the comments!

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