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The Bomb Life: The Importance of Building a Network

Happy Monday!
It’s been a little while since I’ve written here. I’ve been laser focused on building my personal business in the wake of our temporary IG hiccup. I am happy to report that things are on the upswing and we might be close to getting back to business as usual!

In the meantime in between time, I’ve relied heavily upon my network. People willing to promote the new page, friends happy to offer an ear, and family looking to uplift.

Many times, when you run a company, you can neglect people and relationships in pursuit of your dreams. I’ve been guilty many many times! But always remember, you need people to celebrate with when you reach your goals–and you also need people to fall back on when things go left (and they will).

I’ve also found that so many people are willing to work with me just because they support what I have going on. Why? Because I’ve supported them. Being nice and supportive of others in even small ways during the good times can come back to bless you if you ever need a blessing in return.

All that to say: go out and meet people. Form genuine bonds. Show real appreciation. Keep up with people. Make time for your friends and family. Build your network and they will catch you when you fall–and raise you up!

Onward & Upward!
Love & Light,

Images: @MadWorksPhoto

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