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The Bomb Life New York Shop: New Express Tailor on 92 Rivington (Good, But Don’t Expect Same Day)

Any fashionista worth her salt knows the importance of tailoring. Clothes look the best when they fit, and alterations can uplift any look! So I decided to share one of my New York gems with you: New Express Tailor on 92 Rivington.

This place is no muss, no fuss. Nothing fancy, at all, but they are professional, capable, and best of all, able to make alterations same day. I actually wrote this before they took my garments at 9:30 am (30 minutes after they opened) and didn’t have them ready for when I returned at 6:30pm (30 minutes before they closed), even though they said they would be ready by 5pm.

I’ve used them before and they are good, BUT the same day promise was not delivered to me, sadly. The thing that enraged (?) me the most is that they told me to my face that my clothes would be ready BEFORE I got there. And when I returned, there was no reasoning for why it wasn’t done, just a collective shrugging of shoulders and a request to come back later. No Bueno.

I already spent time writing a review before our unfortunate encounter. That said, they can most likely get the job done in 1 business day, but not same day. Still not a bad deal, but not ideal if you are on a super tight schedule.

Leave any recs you may have for tailors that can do same day in the comments.
Love & Light,

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