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The Bomb Life Motto: You Only Need One Yes

So I’ll admit: I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing with this blog!
But as I aspire to write a book one day, I figured this might be a good platform to share a bit of knowledge that has served me well along my journey thus far. Today’s Bomb Life Motto: You Only Need One Yes.
You Only Need One Yes
I’ll be honest: I’m looking to build Fashion Bomb TV. But doing Fashion Bomb TV is not easy.
Securing talent can be difficult, especially when it comes to celebs, for all the reasons you might imagine: They don’t want you in their homes. They’re too busy. The blog is not ‘big’ enough. I’m not important enough. Choose an excuse–I’ve heard them all.
There’s also a learning curve for me. Are my interviewing skills where they need to be? Have I put in enough work? And the list goes on and on. But instead of throwing up my hands and accepting rejection, I just keep pushing.
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This morning, I received two swift rejections from people I’m sure Fashion Bomb Readers would love to see on F Bomb TV! But it’s alright. I’m going to keep seeking out subjects, and keep asking so that I can continue to practice, build up my skills, and secure a reputation of excellence so I get to Yes. You only need one Yes.
Noone you see on TV today–from Oprah to Ryan Seacrest to Wendy Williams–started off interviewing A-listers. A lot of them didn’t start off getting it right, either. But you have to start somewhere. And once you make that one small step, keep building upon that to secure even bigger opportunities.
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When I was a researcher at Real Simple magazine, I would send letters to Condé Nast Human Resources, asking to come in for an interview–only to be told it wasn’t worth meeting with me because I wasn’t a candidate they were interested in. Fast Forward a few years later: once I had my European internship experiences under my belt, my e-mails started getting returned. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of time. In most cases, it’s a matter of building up your resumé. (Sometimes, the opportunity wasn’t meant for you anyway, and you’re better off without it, but that’s a whole nother story).
6--claire-sulmers-gianvito-2  claire sulmers gianvito rossi paris fashion week rick owens spring 2014 brooks brothers peter pilotto runway fall 2013 skirt red black white
Also, if the first person you asked said no, ask someone else! Or ask a different way. I thought that to get my internship at Paris Vogue, I had to go through a friend of a friend, or get some sort of hook up or inside scoop. I got my first interview with the magazine by sending a well written letter to the Editor-In-Chief via snail mail and e-mail. If one person tells you NO, and you really want it, find someone who can get you to YES.
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You only need one people.
Keep pushing, and don’t give up on your dreams. If you really want it, keep working for it.

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