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The Bomb Life LA: I Wore Kim Shui to Cardi B’s Dancehall Birthday Party + Dress Code 411

So a few days ago, Cardi B invited me to her birthday party in LA. Though I live in New York, I figured: why not? I had an event to attend in New York on Tuesday, but with proper planning and bit of a sacrifice on sleep, I could make it happen. So I went.*

The invitation said, “Dancehall/Caribbean-inspired attire welcomed!” It did not say required. It did not say we will turn you away if you don’t like like Patra. So I wore an outfit that was in my closet: A neon orange blazer and Kim Shui leggings I didn’t get to wear during NYFW (remember, I didn’t get to wear them to her show because they didn’t arrive on time?).

My goal was to look colorful and Caribbean! I looked at some of the comments on the looks in general and it seems Fashion Bomb Daily readers were obsessed with people adhering to the dress code, and judging people based on how close they adhered to it.

Here’s the 411 on Dress Codes: they are merely suggestions. Some people can choose to treat a party like it’s Halloween and go all out; others can choose not to comply at all. One of my friends wore hot pink to an all white party and I thought it was brilliant.

There’s something satisfying about breaking the rules as well, and doing your own thing!

Fashion is about freedom of expression, and wearing what makes you feel great! Just rise to the occasion, and shine.

Love & Light,

*Cardi B has been a brand supporter from the beginning. She rocks with us, so we rock for her!

No Payola, just genuine love and support.

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