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Claire’s Life #NYFW Highlights: Sergio Hudson, Laquan Smith, Gucci x Azede and More!

This Fashion Week, I layed low and played it cool. In the past, my mission was always to ‘do it up,’ i.e. go to as many shows as possible per day. This season, especially with Covid still biting on our heels, I decided to focus only on designers I actually like, wear, and support…and most importantly those who support me.

Day 1, I supported Haitian designer Azede Jean Pierre with her new collaboration with Gucci. Outside Gucci’s Wooster street store, I took a pic with some industry style stars, including Robert Ector, Antoine Phillips, Chris Chambers, and Diandre Tristan.

The event was well attended by celebrities like Wyclef Jean, and fashion stars Bethann Hardison, Cassandra Diggs, and more. For the occasion, I wore a Sergio Hudson catsuit and an I Style by Sonia feather coat with Gucci sandals and glasses.

Day 2, I had Sergio Hudson and Laquan Smith on the menu!

I wore Sergio Hudson to Sergio’s show, where I said hey to Saweetie, Bresha Webb, Angela Rye, Tiffany Cross, and Raising Kanan’s Patina Miller:

Sergio made this look just for me:) I completed with a coat he made for me in 2017. So lovely how it all works together seamlessly, although the pieces were created years apart.

Sergio’s show included his signature silhouettes in new colors that I must have. It’s the boss uniform.

*Sidenote, I always thought that I needed MORE HAIR because I have a big head, but I guess the solution was ‘less hair.’ But who knows, I always think I look my best NOW, but years later, I am shaking my head. We’ll see how I feel about my finger waves by next year. I digress.

Right after Sergio Hudson, I went to Laquan Smith’s show at Empire State Building. I wore Laquan Smith.

Laquan Smith’s show had a cool location, but the crush of people and complicated logistics made it a less than ideal venue to actually watch the show. That said, I have known Laquan since before he was on the cover of WWD and under the tutelage of Tom Ford. I remember previewing his collection in a tiny hotel room in Paris, with his publicist at the time modeling the clothes herself. I love the strides he has made. Whether or not I get a seat at his show, I will always support. And buy his clothes. Such is the life of a servant to style. I’ve embraced my role as the window/door in and I can only hope that those on the way up always look out.

After Laquan’s show, I said hey to my friend Legendary Damon at New York Edition.

The next day, despite putting out numerous fires for our first NYFW show (I was on at least 5 calls before I took the below picture), I went to the Cynthia Rowley show in Cynthia Rowley pants, a Balmain blazer and a Storm Distressed Tee from

That night, I actually went to the Brandon Maxwell show, but was invited so last minute that I didn’t get a chance to purchase anything from the brand in preparation. That said, Brandon Maxwell’s show was brilliant and chock full of easy Americana inspired pieces. I loved the body diversity, the pleats, and shimmer. You will be seeing me in Brandon Maxwell next season!

Then, I went to prepare for the Bomb Fashion Show!!

The Bomb Fashion show took me all the way out, and I had zero energy left to do anything else (haha). While I also had Kim Shui and the Blonds on my schedule, my Kim Shui pants never came (they still haven’t come), and I thus didn’t have anything to wear. Besides, I was tahd!!!

My NYFW looks were short but sweet. Now off to plan for Paris….if you’d like me to wear your brand, email

Which look was your favorite?

And should I keep the finger waves?

Love & Light,

Images: SoneJr

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