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The Bomb Life 101: Take the Time to Reflect on How Far You’ve Come Wearing a Dress by Persepshen Clothing + Hanifa Neon Suit

Twice in the past couple weeks, I have returned to ‘where it all started‘ for me in my career. Back in 2006, when I started Fashion Bomb Daily, I worked as a Researcher/Reporter for Time, Inc. Researchers were in charge of fact checking a magazine, because once something is in print, you can’t take it back! At any rate, I worked at 50th and 6th avenue for 4 years at a 9-5 before deciding to start my blog, quit my job, then embark on the greatest adventure of my life: entrepreneurship.

I used to walk through those doors every day

I went back to midtown less than a week ago to celebrate my Morgan Stanley Billboard as apart of their Business Incubator Program. I returned less than 48 hours later to tape for Access Hollywood, and represent for a few designers from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop.

Back when Rock Center was my stomping ground, I only had dreams and aspirations to be in the fashion industry. For some reason, I always heard ‘No,‘ or felt/was told that I wasn’t enough. Since then, I have been blessed to create what one witty user called, “The Black People’s Vogue, But Lit.” I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

In your endless quest for success and perfection, be sure to take a beat to be grateful for the journey. The road to a Billion is long and arduous, and sometimes I can get so wrapped up in being ‘the first,’ or making sure we get all the Verzuz Battle details up (yes, that’s still me sometimes updating FBD at 3am), that I don’t even realize how far I have come from that girl who used to sneak away during lunch breaks to angle into fashion shows.

That’s Her

My cheap shoes once broke while walking down 5th Avenue. I was always at the sample sales. I did not own one shred of designer clothing nor have any invites to fashionable events. I literally had champagne dreams with a beer budget (and probably a beer gut), but I worked, prayed, and hustled my way in.

Now, peep this drip

By the grace of GOD, through manifestation and following my (beer) gut, I have come this far. Yes, I have far to go, but today I encourage you, too, to take a beat and reflect on your journey.

Love & Light,

*My blue dress is by Persepshen Clothing. Pink pumps from FashionBombDailyShop.com. Neon suit is by Hanifa. Balmain blazer, Gucci pants, plus shoes from FashionBombDailyShop.com. I created Fashion Bomb Daily Shop in 2018 when our Instagram was deleted as a way to save our media platform from going out of business. Now it’s almost as big as Fashion Bomb Daily.

Trust the journey.

Thank for the support.

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