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Claire’s Life: I’m on a Billboard in Times Square for The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab

While I’m a very public person, I am actually quite private, keeping my most precious ‘business’ to myself. However, once my Times Square Billboard went up celebrating the members of the 2021 Winter Cohort of the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, I had to let the cat out of the bag!

What’s the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab? It’s a business incubator that selects a small number of applicants to offer them an investment, weekly business advice, and connections. I found out that I had gotten in in January, and since then, have been overjoyed by the curriculum, resources, and mentorship the program offers (I am now a Zoom master). Now that we’re on the tail end of the program, the CEOs have been blessed with a billboard in Times Square!

15 years ago, I worked about 2 blocks from this sign, waking up to grind at a job I liked but didn’t truly love. I remember asking every year for a raise, department transfer or promotion, and being met with resistance until I created Fashion Bomb Daily as an outlet to feed my passion for fashion! When I left my first job, I remember handing out business cards to my boss with the title “Fashion Writer” on it. Was I a fashion writer then? Nope! But seeing my name in lights as the CEO and Founder of my own fashion and media company is a tribute to the goodness and grace of GOD, and speaks to the power of passion, drive, and vision. If you truly want something, and do the work, the world with conspire almost miraculously to make it happen.

And this is just the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who has been apart of this journey with me, and who will carry me in your thoughts, prayers, and actions as we keep on keeping on!

Love & Light,

In my Billboard photo (lensed by Carey Wagner), I’m wearing a blazer by our Next Bomb Designer Contest Winner, Khangle. To go see my billboard, I wore a dress by our newest addition: Bree Billiter, Sybg Co On a Pedestal Sandals, a Balmain Blazer, and a Bruce Glen Collection bag. The dress will be available soon on Get my blazer here, shoes here, and bag here.

Images by Sone Jr.

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