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Press! Check out My Feature on CFDA ‘From Blog to Business’

Visit for a feature on yours truly! Karyl L. Truesdale writes, “Claire Siobhan Sulmers. An innovator, Author, Harvard graduate and CEO of the popular fashion blog The Fashion Bomb Daily, Sulmers is a fashion industry force. She’s a Black girl magic success story. Comfort, ease, and privilege did not catapult her into this career. It was quite the opposite, and her determination prevailed. Sulmers is a quintessential wild card, as she did not study fashion at her prestigious Ivy League alma…

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Claire’s Life: BrokenLand Co’s Nordstrom Event Wearing Black Female Designers BrokenLand, Jessica Rich, and Tosha

Can I be honest with you? When I first started Fashion Bomb Daily, I went to events or wore clothes because I wanted to. I was intrigued by the designer or event, and was genuinely interested in coverage. Over the years as GOD has blessed me with a wonderful platform and so much exposure, in order to cut through the clutter, I mainly do things for business i.e. sponsored coverage and sponsored looks (ahem, if you’d like me to cover…

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Put Yourself First: On Chicago’s Oak Drive Wearing a Camouflage Zamar Lewis Jumpsuit and Gucci Accessories

It’s noon. And so far, I have posted 2 articles to and 5 posts to our Instagram. It was only when I was about to post 2 additional articles to our website that I realized I had done nothing for my brand. So here I am. So here I am! Just a quick outfit recap of what I wore to have dinner on Oak Drive, the Rodeo Drive of Chicago. This picture was lensed by Jason McCoy in front…

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Observations from a Sparkly Night Out Wearing Shane Justin and Bruce Glen Collection (What’s in a Designer Name? Breathe Life into New Talent)

So this weekend, I had a DELICIOUS dinner at a restaurant called FishCheeks* (if you’re in New York, drop everything and go NOW. It is Bomb). For the night, I was meeting Bruce Glen, whose designs are in Of course I wanted to represent for them, so I built a whole look around their $395 Sparkly Pochette Bag: I wore a Shane Justin shirt, Gucci shades and sandals, and a Zara skirt. While in Fishcheeks, Vera Wang told me…

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The Story of My Gucci Fanny Pack: You Will Get What You Want, Eventually

It was the Winter of 2004. I was an intern at New York Magazine, and a fan of Sex & The City. While we all loved all of Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits, it was this one little Gucci Fanny Pack that made my heart pause. I needed it. I wanted it. I had to have it. But as an intern making $5.15 an hour, I definitely couldn’t afford it! The prices back then were probably way less than what they are…

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