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So, I’m Freezing my Eggs: Follow my Journey with Kindbody (Own Your Future)

Quarantine has caused me to stop, be still, and meditate on many things, including what I truly want for myself and my future! I love all my friend’s adorable babies (!), and know I want a little Claireisha of my own–just not right now.

It’s a conundrum many ‘boss’ women deal with. The want and need to have it all. You can have it all! Just not all at the same time.

While the want and need to have things happen naturally is ideal, we are lucky in this day and age to have options. Which is why I’ve decided to freeze my eggs with Kindbody.

Kindbody is a fabulous and easy to use company with offices in New York City, San Francisco, LA, and New Jersey. I went in the other day for a Fertility Assessment , which includes an ultrasound of your ovaries, a blood test that measures your fertility hormone levels, and a 1:1 consultation with a Kindbody fertility specialist. Turns out I am Fertile Myrtle! I plan on doing a cycle while we still have some downtime and take you along my journey. 

If you have questions about egg freezing or fertility, I will be working with @KindBody over the next few months for Live Q&A sessions and more. Keep it locked here to follow me on my fertility journey!

Use the code BOMB to receive $100 off a Fertility Assessment at Kindbody.com/book
Have you ever considered freezing your eggs? Leave a comment below. 

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