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Finance & Finance: Save Up For Items On Your Lust List (Don’t Steal; Reflections on the Clermont Twins, SimplicityxStyle, and More)

Yesterday morning, we reported that Shannade Clermont of the Clermont Twins was arrested for allegedly stealing a dead man’s identity and using his credit cards to spend thousands on clothes, rent, and flights.

This incident is the 2nd time I’ve heard of women we’ve featured on Fashion Bomb Daily being arrested for stealing–seemingly all for the love of labels and the limelight.

One of the most talked about cases featured was one of my favorites, @SimplicityxStyle, who was submitted by one of our readers, and whose outfits bubbled over with high end brands including Off White, Dsquared2 and Chanel. Though we reached out to her to find out her real name, she was elusive. We didn’t find out her name–Shaniqua Jordan–until she was arrested for fraud for ordering a Rolex watch online using someone else’s credit card.

I feel somewhat responsible. Websites and social media like Fashion Bomb Daily have created spaces that inspire fashion lovers to want more out of life. We spend because we love beautiful things, we spend to keep up with the joneses, but the minute we venture into criminal territory for the ‘Gram, we’ve got to put our foot down.

Like a lot of these ladies, I want all the nice things available in Bergdorf and Barney’s. Just yesterday, I was riding down Fifth Avenue, and noticed how Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa is a stone’s throw away from Rolex, Cartier, and Versace, and in my mind, I planned out the shopping day of my dreams where I would rise from a soothing facial, then stroll over to Rolex for my Datejust, then hit up Cartier for a few bracelets, then Versace for a shirt or dress.

I will have my shopping day! But in the meantime, I’m saving up for it. I’m creating an account that is just for shopping. Establishing a budget. Putting money aside every day that I won’t touch no matter what that will go towards shopping. Planning the day. Then going out to have fun.
Instagram shows us what it is, but it doesn’t reveal how to get it. I’ve seen one too many young women sacrifice their reputation or their freedom in the pursuit of nice things.

I’ll go ahead and tell you how I got the items below:

My t-shirt is from Zara. My Rayar Jeans were a gift. My blazer I got on sale (shop the sales! Pay attention to what time of year items go on sale and make sure your ‘big shopping day’ corresponds to when sale time is. Lots of items are on sale now). I bought my shoes from Gucci (I tend to buy shoes full price) and I purchased my belt from the Hermes store, but before I got this one, I found one at a consignment store. It’s possible to get classic items for less than retail if you know where to look (a few bomb consignment stores include @ADailyDiva @ASCResale @ShopClosetVogue and @ReboundJunkie).

Also, have a good understanding of what you can afford right now.

I’ve always loved blazers, but back in 2010 (above) my blazers were from J.Crew. Over the years, I’ve written down aspirational items I’ve wanted and planned/plotted on how to get them. When I started writing FBD, I wore Bronx heels. It’s all about the upgrade. This can take time…but that’s ok.

Do we all want to walk around in the hottest labels? Yes! But be realistic. Visualize what you want, save, then shop. Any other way just might cost you everything.
Love & Light,

*I’ll be talking more about this at our Fashion Spice Brunch in DC on July 21st. Get your tix at FashionSpiceBrunch.eventbrite.com.
**A lot of people took issue with us posting about the Clermont Twins on Instagram. We are a fashion site. We report the news. If Tom Ford was arrested for the same thing, we would write about him, too. That said, I know the Clermont twins, and my hope with this post was not to judge, but to inform and also encourage constructive conversation.

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