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NYFW 2023 Is Over! Reflections On My Journey from The Outside to the Front Row Wearing the Blonds, Love Shack Fancy, LaQuan Smith, and More!

Fashion Week has ended!

And while I’d love to go take a nap and have some lurnch, I wanted to do a quick recap and reflect on my journey from the outside to the Front Row.

Yes, that’s me, sitting next to Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week, my friends Michi Marshall and Natasha Parker, and Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mom!

My last show of New York Fashion Week was The Blonds show, where not only did I sit Front Row next to Fashion Legends, but the designers also dressed me. It was a *pinch me* moment.

Believe it or not, though I’ve populated the Front Row before, this is the first Fashion Week where designers have dressed me. The first time I was front row for most shows. 17 years in, and the seeds of what my team and I have planted are starting to bear delicious fruit.

I am still tremendously humbled by these moments because I know how long it’s been and how hard I have worked to get here.

I still remember being that girl who did her own makeup and hair, borrowed a bag from Bag, Borrow or Steal, cobbled some stuff together from her closet, and stood up in the back.

Me ca. 2009

I still remember ACHING to want to go to shows. I remember her. And deep down inside, she is still there, awe struck by the experience, electrified by the runway looks, blown away that people she’s admired for so long even know her name and are familiar with her work, still pleasantly surprised when a reader says they know of Fashion Bomb and they follow it, daily.

I used to LIVE for Kimora!!

17 years in, and I am actually grateful that the industry hasn’t always been kind. Grateful for those days when I had one standing room ticket and I was happy to just be in the building. Grateful for unanswered emails and the redundant, “We are over capacity” responses saying there is no room for me. It makes me even more grateful that now they’re making room.

So I would say to you (whoever is reading this) to keep going. Celebrate the ‘no’s’ or not getting your way because it will make the day the ‘no’s’ turn to ‘yes’ that much sweeter.

Also know that persistence and consistency pay off. I had grounds to quit a looooooong time ago. But I refused. I kept going, kept working, kept growing, and now we’re getting somewhere (haha).

Also, failure is apart of the process. You may get knocked down, but don’t just lay there. Continue to advocate for what you want.

Also, continue to elevate your look. Fashion is superficial. Get your makeup and hair done (once you can afford it). Take care of yourself inside and out. Find out what styles suit you. Rock it! And don’t be shy about it!

Be nice. Be gracious. Act gracious. Stay grateful. Stay Faithful. Be Humble.

Most Importantly: Keep Going.

I’m rooting for you. THANK YOU to those who are rooting for me.

Love & Light,

*My looks above are by Sergio Hudson, Love Shack Fancy, LaQuan Smith…find all details on Instagram @ClaireSulmers !

Images: Salvatore DeMaio/ Fritz Metayer

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