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Mood: #Blessed; Interviewing Jada Pinkett Smith for Fashion Bomb Daily

Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege of interviewing Jada Pinkett Smith for Fashion Bomb Daily!
The talented actress, wife, and mother sat down with ME for a one-on-one interview, that I’ll transcribe, and write up for FBD shortly. And while I’ll keep it business over on the mainland (and even do a giveaway, holla!), I’m going to get into my feelings a little bit here.
Two days ago, I met hip hop LEGEND LL Cool J. Yesterday, I met LEGEND Jada Pinkett Smith. Feeling BLESSED would be the understatement of the year.
Sometimes I think, “What did I do to deserve this? To spend time with such amazingly accomplished, fabulously famous people?” I always have these, “Who, me?” moments, and then I reflect that I’m 11 years in, and my hard work is paying off. And instead of question it, I need to embrace it, and be thankful for it.
For some reason, I always felt like my hard work would never pay off. I’m so used to toiling, unnoticed, keeping my head down and just getting to work. I felt like I’d always be that outsider angling in, and in some ways, I still feel like that girl who had to gate crash shows in order to get content. But that girl is all grown up.
Year 11 is a year of transition. Of passing the torch. Of uprooting. Of change. And a bit of uncertainty. It’s a year of doing new things, stepping out of comfort zones, and perhaps acceptance that, yes, things are going to evolve in a positive way. Just embrace it.
All that to say that I hope you guys are encouraged. Put in the work and you will reap the fruits of your labor. You might think it will take 10 years (me), but it might take 10 and a half or 11, or 12, or more! Stay faithful, believe in yourself first, others will follow.
Off to transcribe this interview (it’s good!).
Love & Light,
*For the day, I channeled a disco ball in a French Connection sequined dress, Frame Denim Jeans, Dsquared2 sandals, and a Givenchy tote!
**Images: Marta McAdams
***Read the final interview here.

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