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It’s Ok to Ask; Don’t be Afraid of People: Lessons from Paris Vogue Wearing Zara Plaid and Gianvito Rossi Heels on Fleet Alley’s Rainbow Wall in Brooklyn

When I was in an intern at Paris Vogue, I was tasked with finding street style Vogue and Glamour Paris. I had to go out and ask complete strangers to take their pictures. It was there that I experienced loads of rejection and lots of ‘No’s’ to the point where hearing no doesn’t even phase me anymore.

Closed mouths don’t get fed. Today, I had the goal of having a total stranger indulge me in a photo shoot by this colorful wall on Fleet Alley in Brooklyn. I didn’t have to ask too many people. Two young ladies were down for my impromptu photo shoot, with the latter (who lensed these) wanting to make 100% sure I was pleased with my photos before she went along her way.

I think many of us can be afraid to simply ask for what we want. We may be intimidated by other people, thinking they’ll spit on you, punch you in the face, or simply ignore you if you ask for something. Get out of your head, and just speak up! Most people are nicer than you think. And if they’re an a$$ GOD bless them and good riddance. You probably didn’t want them in your space anyway.
Just a short and quick Bomb Life 101 before I make my way to my Martini & Rossi influencer event tonight!
Pictures coming tomorrow.
Love & Light,

*I wore a Zara outift, Givenchy bag, and Gianvito Rossi shoes for a meeting in Dumbo. I shop my closet!

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