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Hair Check: The Aftermath of the Big Chop (I Have No Idea What I’m Doing With My Hair)

I’ll admit that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my hair.

How could one expect me to? I literally didn’t touch a comb or brush for over 15 years. Dreads are WAY easier than the manipulation it takes with straight hair. Some days I love it. But today, as I’m readying to go to the airport, I’m like Damn. I’m gonna be THAT GIRL with that crazy, dry wig.

I thank GOD for small blessings. One of my homies who I’ve known for years is a hairstylist (and he lives close by), so he’s able to help me ‘bump’ my hair or straighten it when I go to events (I did not call him before the pink dress pic, which inspired people to tell me I looked like a Clown on Acid. Bad hair can detract from a bomb outfit!).

I’ve also now learned that I can’t sleep in my wigs. I need to have like 5 wigs, ready to go on wig stands, so that I can just take them off and swap out. That’s how I’ll have to live moving forward until I can figure out how to style and curl my hair. And bae told me he doesn’t mind;)

In sum, one month (or so) since cutting my Locs, I’ve encountered some difficulty. Some hateration (you would think naturalistas are all ‘woosah’ and chill, but nah, there are some nasty trolls in the weeds. Let me live!). I have bought several products, from hair dryers to flat irons to serums. I can understand why this is a billion dollar business! I’ve had some good hair days and some bad hair days, but this is all a learning process. And I’m still excited about this new journey. I’ll get it right eventually.
Love & Light,

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