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Claire’s Life: Kicking Off Women’s History Month with Toronto’s We Rise Experience with Ronne Brown, Kela Walker, and Treasa Leigh Brown

Happy Hump Day, Bomb Lifers!

Over the weekend, I was blessed to go to Toronto for the very first time for the We Rise Experience, a conference started by Treasa Leigh Brown that’s all about female empowerment!

In a conversation moderated by Kela Walker, Ronne Brown and I offered our thoughts and advice on running a business, balancing work and life, and practicing self care!

As we wrote on, “The event included a series of panel sessions, workshops and multiple opportunities for attendees to step into their power and open their minds up to new ways of thinking. Affirmations and messages like, “You need to start believing that nothing is too good for you” was transformative and allowed women bosses to feel empowered. “

I am actually in the airport now, headed to LA before heading to Austin to speak at SXSW!

The Bomb Life goes on…

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