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Delta Lost My Luggage During Paris Fashion Week So I Had No Clothes! Here Are 5 Things You Should Do To Save Your Sanity Before Your Next Big Trip + The Balmain & Givenchy Shows

Good Day, Bombers and Bombshells!

I am back in brisk NYC after a quick trip to Paris for Fashion Week and Toronto to Speak at the We Rise Experience !

Smiling here to keep from Crying

I am a Delta Diamond Medallion traveler and specifically chose to fly Delta to AVOID circumstances like losing my bags. But here we are.

What had happened was: the not so friendly skies dumped snow on my initial direct flight from New York to Paris, and after waiting 6 hours on the tarmac, we were all unceremoniously told that the flight was canceled due to weather conditions. I received the below text from Delta, which I interpreted to mean that chances of Delta rebooking us were low. As I was looking at a mere 4 day trip in the first place, I jumped the gun, canceled my ticket, and booked a new one through the Delta App on one of their partner airlines, Air France.

That fatal error resulted in me being luggage-less for a week! A very spicy Delta Agent from Minnesota informed me that I shouldn’t have rebooked my ticket and that I should have waited for Delta to rebook me. But I didn’t want to take a chance and cut my trip down to 2 days vs 4! Long story short, despite their best efforts, I was not able to have my clothes delivered to me at my hotel in Paris, and so far I have received one of two bags from the initial trip a week ago.

Two of my colleagues who were on my first flight canceled their trips entirely because they wouldn’t have their carefully curated clothes (it’s Paris Fashion Week!). But I forged ahead, and now have these tips that I’ll remember for next time (and that anyone should abide by before their next trip).

1.Put a Few Days Worth of Clothes in Your Carry On

Me at the Balmain show in the One Look I Put in My Carry On Bag

I have been down this road at least 2-3 times before, from Arak Air losing my bags to United doing the same. Sh*t happens. I learned from previous experiences to pack at least one day’s worth of clothes in your carry on. Hence, this red look that I shot with Guillaume Landry!

After this trip, I’d say to take it one step further. Pack as much as you can in your carry on. At least 3 looks if you can swing it. And just bring your big coats with you as well! Don’t waste that ‘personal item’ on a small purse. I’d say bring a roller bag and a duffle bag so that you have all you need for a few days just in case. Also, bring interchangeable looks so that you can create a new look using similar pieces. I’d suggest sticking to monochromatic tones like black, which brings me to…

2. When in Doubt, Bet on Black!

On day 2 of my trip to Paris, I was invited to the Givenchy show, and had to go shopping (let’s face it, not the worst thing in the world!). The Givenchy store in Paris doesn’t carry over a size medium (!), but you know what conceals a multitude of flaws? All Black! I was so glad that I packed a pair of Cult of Coquette Jane Boots from FBD Shop, which went well with my black Givenchy LBD. In fact, pack pieces in your carry on that can go with a bunch of different looks: Black pumps, black boots, neutral items that can go with everything. It’s easier to buy clothes abroad than shoes (IMHO). But pack 3 black looks and you’ll be able to rewear and revise without anyone knowing that you’re repeating. Extra bonus: People can’t see stains or soiling!

I wore my boots under Pants with a Black Tank and Black Jacket for a Speaking Appearance in Toronto

3. Get Airtags

I’d never heard of Airtags before this trip (pardon my ignorance). But basically Airtags track exactly where your bags are, so if the airport overlooks them, you at least can know where they are for yourself. Trust and believe, I am ordering my air tags today because I honestly cannot and will not do this again!

Get a 4 pack for $99 on Amazon and definitely get these before your next international trip!!

4. Go Shopping

Yes, I went shopping for my Givenchy look, but I found that websites like Net a Porter and FWRD offer 2 day shipping within Europe.

I got my Tom Ford Dress above from FWRD, along with a Norma Kamali dress. Shopping is not the ideal option, and newsflash, Air France only offered 100 Euro for clothes replacement (!). But going shopping is not the worst thing in the world. Earmark those websites if you’re in a pinch.

5. Keep Calm

Some of y’all should be ashamed of the way you treat people at the Baggage Service Desk! I saw all grades of meltdowns from people when it’s honestly Noone’s fault! In my case, my flight was canceled due to snow. It’s an act of GOD that we can’t control, so just chill. I personally had to let go of my ego and my obsession with perfection and just be like....”Though I work in fashion, I might be looking a little cray cray. It’s ok, I will slay another day.” We get so caught up in our outer appearance, and lord knows I put a lot of time and effort into my Paris Fashion Week looks, but not looking your best (and not having your warmest coats when it is freezing) is not the end of the world.

You’d be pleased to know that ONE of my bags (which basically just had two large coats in there) was delivered yesterday, and it looks like the 2nd one will be delivered today*. I really hope it comes because I am flying to LA tomorrow for Essence Black Women in Hollywood. Oh boy!

When you move and groove like me you really don’t have time for this nonsense, but…c’est la vie

Not my best moment, but hey: Who cares? I’ll kill ’em in Cali (hopefully).

Y’all pray for my bags, mmmkay?

Love & Light,

*PS Despite the hiccup, Delta is still my absolute favorite airline, and everyone I have spoken to (save that lady from Minnesota), has been super kind about helping me out! Go Delta!

*My 2nd bag came, but my bag is CRACKED. It wouldn’t hurt to get a warranty on your luggage.

**PSS Let the Airline Rebook you. There were other people on my flight who had Delta rebook them, and they received their luggage. When the airline rebooks you, you keep the same trip confirmation number, and your bags come with you on the next flight. I was scared by the text I received so didn’t allow the airline to do their thing, but I’ll know for next time not to jump the gun.

***Let me know if you have anything to add.

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