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Claire’s Life: Shopping on Rodeo Drive with Deonte Nash Wearing Fe Noel and Gucci

Happy Friday!
Today’s office is by the pool!
Every time I come to LA, I always want to hit the ground running at 100 miles per hour, linking up with people and gathering content. It can be somewhat frustrating (?) that things just don’t work that way. There is undoubtedly a slower pace here, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life a little more and working a little less. Everything in moderation. Anyhoo!
One of my favorite pastimes is hitting Rodeo Drive with my friend, stylist Prince Deonte. I tag along as he shops and pulls for his clients (which include Cassie, Sevyn Streeter, and Puff Daddy). The amount of skill and professionalism it takes to do his job is actually quite fascinating. I’ll have to do a day in the life video with him soon, so that you aspiring stylists can see how it’s done!
I had a bunch of meetings that day, so wore my only ‘corporate meeting’ outfit (hilarious that I think this is corporate, anyway). Behold, A Fe Noel duster, matching skirt, Gucci logo tee and glasses, topped off by Brian Atwood heels and a Givenchy tote.
I continue to reimagine the meaning of a ‘power suit’ in the fashion world. A matching jacket and skirt, a trendy top and tote, and you’re good to go!
At any rate, things will ramp up quite a bit next week. Keep it locked here to follow my stylish steps.
Have great weekends! And be sure to join me on Sunday, July 9th!
Love & Light,

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