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Claire’s Life: I was Born in Brooklyn, but the Bahamas is in Me Wearing Woods by Jordyn Woods


I have been traveling so much! One day I’m at the Eiffel Tower, and the next day I’m at the beach: The Bomb Life!

I just got back from Nassau, Bahamas. My mother was born there and though I was born in Brooklyn, I very much feel Bahamian!

I have gone innumerable times since I was a baby, but now that I’m getting older, I’m realizing so much about my motherland. Namely that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Get into that blue water, dusty sand, bright sun, and clear sky!

In the Bahamas you can eat fruit right off the trees. You can eat fish right out of the ocean. And did I mention how friendly people are? The Bahamas is the Bomb!

Unfortunately this trip, I went for a funeral, but I did carve out some time to werk and enjoy the fruits of the land. Jordyn Woods sent me this Rayne dress from her Woods by Jordyn line! It has the colors of the Bahamian flag, so I felt it was the perfect dress to wear to bless my 1st day in Nassau. I topped it off with sunglasses from (of course).

I’m currently in New York, but am flying back to LA and hope that things can calm down a bit so that I can get back to writing!

At any rate, behold my look from Day 1, stay tuned for more from The Bahamas, where it is better!

Love & Light,

Images: ScharadLPhoto

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