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Claire’s Fall Closet Cleanse: See What’s New on Poshmark (Stuart Weitzman, Giuseppe Zanotti) + Read On For My Rules for Shopping!

Look, I know I have nowhere to go. I know we are still largely on lockdown. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting Fall sweaters, new boots, and jackets for the imaginary get togethers in the future!

Though I have ‘splurged’ in the past, I have learned over the years to adhere to the ‘one in, one out’ rule. In the spirit of “out with the old and in with the new,” behold a few items I just listed on Poshmark:

Get your shop on here.

And read on for my rules of shopping:

  1. Set aside one day each month to shop.
  2. Your shopping budget should be a percentage of your savings (do not spend every cent in checking on shopping–I used to do this. No good. Save. Then Spend)!
  3. If it’s not your shopping day, see what you can list on sites like Poshmark or Ebay so that you can justify buying new things!
  4. Also, use sites like Poshmark and Ebay to shop for steals!

With everything in life, discipline is key!

Happy Shopping!

*PS See what you can find on Resale sites. My 7th (and Final) Balmain blazer was a steal from The Real Real:

I think I’m done now:) Stay tuned for a video/post about my Balmain blazers/obsession!

Images: Google Is Human/Beez Shot Me/Vizual Ape

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