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1 In Alice + Olivia/ Bomb Life 101/ Claire's Life/ Hair/ Kenzo/ Style

Live to Please Yourself (You Can’t Please Everyone): Wearing Kenzo and Alice + Olivia

I am dipping my new blonde head in to tell you to live to please yourself, not anyone else. When I posted my new hair on IG, here, Fashion Bomb Daily, and Youtube on Friday night (I was busy, lol), I resigned to just post the images then grab a glass of wine and relax. I refused to pay attention to the comments because even if people hated it, there was nothing I could do. I had made my decision…

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1 In Bomb Life 101/ Claire's Life/ Gianvito Rossi/ Kenzo/ Style/ Zara

NYFW Is Approaching and I’m Unprepared! Wearing a Zara Turtleneck, Kenzo Scuba Skirt, and Gianvito Rossi Black and White Pumps

So New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow. Flashback a few years ago and I would’ve had my special #NYFW rack already erected with my outfits carefully planned out. A color coded schedule would have populated my desk. My couch would be piled high with accessories. But this year–nada. Maybe I just have too much going on! Or maybe I’m a little more relaxed these days. Maybe I have less to prove. One would think that after 10 years, I’d have…

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3 In Claire's Life/ Equipment/ Jimmy Choo/ Kenzo/ Style/ Travel

Lagos Style Diary Day 2: An Equipment Blue Button Down Shirt, Kenzo Printed Skirt, and Jimmy Choo Sandals

So I received my bag yesterday!!! I was overjoyed (catch my victory dance on Snapchat before it disappears)! Afterwards, we had a celebratory lunch of Egusi Soup and Pounded Yam at Terra Kulture. Then, Pierre and I ventured out to the market to do a shoot. When Pierre and I first drove past the market that morning, it was empty, so shooting there seemed like a great idea. By the time we got there, it was hustling and bustling. Imagine…

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3 In Claire's Life/ Kenzo/ Style

Milan Fall 2015 Style Diary Day 2: A Kenzo Embellished Sweater and Matching Skirt

On Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week, I wanted to make a statement, so slipped on a Kenzo Embellished Sweater and a Matching Skirt: My Casadei pumps have been popping! And when you travel, you need to use your pieces as much as you can. No oversized bag charges for me! A silver purse and my Day 2 look was done. I don’t have Pierre with me, but have had lots of luck asking blogger friends to take pix for…

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2 In Claire's Life/ Jimmy Choo/ Kenzo/ Style

Thanksgiving Style Diary: A Blue Kenzo Sweater, Blk DNM Leather Skirt, and Jimmy Choo Suede Pumps

Today I’m really in blogger struggle mode. It’s that time of the year when I get almost chronic eye infections from my contact lenses. Today, because I left my lenses in too long, I’m working with two blurry, red, tearing eyes, as I stare at the computer screen, barely able to hold my gaze. But…I’m still blogging! I’m actually going to take a break for a bit, but first: my latest outfit. Bold blue is one of my hot colors…

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4 In Claire's Life/ Giuseppe Zanotti/ Givenchy/ Kenzo/ Style

New York Style Diary: A Givenchy American Dream Tank, Kenzo Skirt, and Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

Sorry for all these Style Diaries on a Sunday! I’ve been taking loads of pix. Our Wifi connection was awful in the BVI, so I’m playing catch up today! This last look was photographed back in NYC, on the roof of the Nolitan Hotel: I actually went to the Nolitan for a ‘Staycation.’ Basically one of my friends was leaving town, so I wanted to share a fabulous hotel room on her last night! (Post about the Nolitan coming soon…

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8 In Claire's Life/ Kenzo/ Style

LA Style Diary: A Kenzo Tiger Embroidered Sweatshirt Dress, Melody Ehsani x Reebok Sneakers, and Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals

So I spent the weekend in LA! I’m really trying to ramp up my video and exclusive content (as I mentioned in this video with In Her Shoes Blog), so took a quick trip to the left coast to soak up the sun and interview a few fabulous bombshells. Every single day was chock full of events, except for Saturday, when I popped by a juice bar, shopped it up a bit, and ate a bunch of delicious vegan food!…

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0 In Claire's Life/ Givenchy/ Kenzo/ Style

Thanksgiving Style Diary: A Kenzo Spring 2013 Tiger Beaded Sweater, ASOS Pants in Metallic Print, and DSquared2 Rasso Pumps

Sweater: Kenzo// Pants: ASOS// Shoes: DSquared // Bag: Givenchy // Hat: Vintage Happy Thanksgiving! For Turkey Day, I’m keeping it cute (in my opinion!) in a Kenzo sweater and ASOS pants. A pair of DSquared pumps and vintage hat, and I’m off to be overdressed for every Thanksgiving shindig on my calendar (don’t worry, my friends and family get it;)). I’m thankful for so many things in this blessed life of mine, but am super grateful for the support of…

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