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NYFW Is Approaching and I’m Unprepared! Wearing a Zara Turtleneck, Kenzo Scuba Skirt, and Gianvito Rossi Black and White Pumps

So New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow.
Flashback a few years ago and I would’ve had my special #NYFW rack already erected with my outfits carefully planned out. A color coded schedule would have populated my desk. My couch would be piled high with accessories. But this year–nada.
Maybe I just have too much going on! Or maybe I’m a little more relaxed these days. Maybe I have less to prove.
One would think that after 10 years, I’d have the red carpet rolled out for me, but such is not the case. Requests still get declined. It seems that even if you do all the ‘right’ things, you can’t get ahead (with SOME designers and SOME PR firms). And I’m over it. I don’t care as much (I can’t care as much). I’m taking it easy…and focusing on bigger goals.
I took a very important, game changing meeting yesterday in a Kenzo skirt, Zara Turtleneck, Gianvito Rossi pumps, a Chanel bag from A Daily Diva, and a coat from Intermix. And I’m off to another very important meeting today! Wish me luck!
Love + Light,

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