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4 Restaurants to Decompress and Rest During New York Fashion Week

So Fashion Week is a lot of fun! But as a Brookynite, it typically means heading to the city for hours at a time–which translates to me having to find places to post up and blog in between shows and events. A lot of my engagements are ‘off site’ i.e. away from Lincoln Center. So I’ve uncovered places off the beaten path, yet close enough to popular show venues so I can recharge and relax. Behold, my top 4 finds:…

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The Bomb Life Miami Travel Guide: Where to Eat, What to Do, Where to Stay

Ok, so I’m not well versed in writing travel guides…and these will be far from exhaustive! That said, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on where to stay, what to do, and what to see in several cities. First up: Miami! 1. Where to stay. I stayed at The Standard for my most recent trip to Miami. A good friend of mine loved it there and sang its praises, so I booked. The positives: a gorgeous pool, world class spa…

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4 Unexpected Yet Delicious Restaurants in Paris

So, I’ll be honest: while I’m traveling, I generally don’t have a ton of time to document all my experiences. But now that I’m back home, I thought it as good as time as any to let you in on a few fabulous restaurants I’ve stumbled across in one of my second homes, Paris. Ready? 1. Azabu. 3 Rue André Mazet, 75006 Paris. Métro: Odéon, Mabillon, Saint-Michel. I wasn’t a fan of Japanese food until I came to this restaurant.…

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