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Should I Send My Black Child to a Majority White High School? My Reflections on My Time at Westminster Schools of Atlanta + Our Black Alumni Conference

Happy Monday, folks! This past weekend, my high school, Westminster Schools of Atlanta, held its inaugural Black Alumni Conference. My brother, who also went to Westminster, was on the planning committee, and strongly encouraged me to come. While I was not one of the featured speakers, I do have a lot to say about how I felt as a young black child who attended one of the most prestigious and elite K-12 private schools in the Southeast. My short answer…

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I Agree with Kim Kardashian: If You’re a Woman in Business, Get Up and Work

Kim Kardashian has been in the news lately (when has she not?) for telling Variety Magazine that her advice to women is business is to “Get your f*cking a$$ up and work.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fashion Bomb Daily (@fashionbombdaily) Her profanity laced yet seemingly innocuous advice has drawn lots of internet ire, mainly from people who have misinterpreted what she said, pointing to her being born into a prominent family and initially becoming famous…

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Fashion Nova Owner Richard Saghian Purchases $141 Million Home: The Power of Fashion +

Fashion Nova Owner Richard Saghian recently splurged on a $141 Million Home called “The One,” in Los Angeles. The 105,00 square foot property has 21 bedrooms and 42 baths. See more pictures here. In the spirit of my knee jerk reaction to congratulate, not hate, I must say that this is impressive. Fashion Nova can be criticized for a myriad of reasons, however whatever they are doing is working. The owner is 40 years old and lives in a palace!…

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Why @Revolve ‘s #RevolveAroundtheWorld and Other Influencer Trips Lack Diversity (And How You Can Feel Empowered)

Happy Monday, folks! It’s days like these I miss, but have no fear! It will most likely be back up with a fresh face before the end of the month because I simply can’t stray for too long. At any rate, I received a DM earlier this morning from @NuYorkDreamer who sent the following picture from @Revolve ‘s #RevolveAroundtheWorld trip, writing, “Take a look at the comments on lack of diversity from Revolve and their bloggers. We need to…

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