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A Quick Note About Glowing Up: Wearing Aminah Abdul Jillil Crystal Bow Pumps at ATT’s Humanity of Connection Event

This was me, yesterday.

Same woman, 10 years ago.

Many times, we get frustrated because we have big dreams that we’ve yet to attain. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of time, and perfect timing.

The Claire from 10 years ago was walking these same New York City streets, in cheap shoes with broken heels. I was made fun of for wearing cheap shoes. A fellow blogging colleague actually said I couldn’t know anything about fashion because I was never able to afford ‘labels.’

I turned my frustration into action and got to work, writing about an industry I was and still am obsessed with.

I’m writing this to you and also writing this for myself. Even now, I get frustrated because it’s almost a curse of ambition to want MORE. But in your quest for more, always look back to where you started and appreciate how far you’ve come. Then you’ll realize where you can go.

Love & Light,

*Last night, I was Paul Wharton’s plus one to AT&T’s Humanity of Connection event! I wore a shirt from Urban Outfitters, a J.Crew skirt, and Aminah Jillil pumps. I topped everything off with a Daniel’s Leather fur. Still no ‘labels’, but who said wearing labels was all there was to fashion?
*Images: @MrVocabtv

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