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The Bomb Life Nassau, Bahamas Travel Guide: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Do

So I just got back from a deliciously sunny, yet regrettably short stay in Nassau, Bahamas!
More than a tropical travel destination, Nassau is like another home for me, as my mother’s family is from there, and we have family who still lives there! When I go, it’s to relax, yes, but also to reconnect with my cousins, aunts, and uncles! That said, I do have a few travel tips for those who want to embark upon this beautiful island.
1. How to Get There
Jetblue has direct flights from JFK to Nassau that leave several times during the day. A few of my friends also took American Airlines and United. It’s a little under a 3 hour flight. I had zero complaints about Jetblue! Spring for the extra comfort seats, watch TV, and relax.

2. Where to Stay
Our troupe of bridesmaids was stationed at the British Colonial Hilton, which was not bad, but not great. As I mentioned in this post, I was looking for peace and quiet. Perhaps it was the weekend we chose, but the hotel was oversold. The pool and beach were small and crowded. Inside was fine, but nothing mind blowing. I’d definitely do some research if you’re looking for more of a Bomb Life experience! Many people I spoke to suggested staying at the Bahamar because it’s new and majestic.
On this trip, I discovered I’m more of a boutique hotel/AirBNB type chick. On one day, my cousins and I went to a semi private beach called Palm Cay that had a quieter beach and beautiful environs.
We ran into a few new friends from D.C. and Indianapolis (!) who said they were renting a home nearby. I’d definitely go that route next time I come to Nassau.
I heard some chatter that the Bahamian Tourism Board and Government were coming down on AirBNB, but the women I spoke to said they were able to book their home with no issue. Definitely something to consider!

3. Where to Eat
I LOVE to eat and I LOVE Bahamian food. A few things you should order: Cracked Conch, Stew Conch, Conch Salad, Fried Fish, Crab & Rice, Guava Duff…and wash it all down with some Bahamas Goombay Punch!
A few cocktails you should definitely get: Goombay Smash ( spiced rum, coconut rum, apricot brandy, pineapple juice and orange juice) and Sky Juice (Coconut Water, Evaporated Milk, and Gin or Coconut Rum, topped with cinnamon).
Where to eat all these delicacies? On day one, we went to Compass Point, which is a beautiful restaurant/resort by the water.
You should also definitely stop by Arawak Cay, an area chock full of yummy restaurants and food stands.
There are a lot of Bomb restaurants there, but I’d recommend Drifters and Twin Brothers. We were lured into a restaurant called Da Fish Fry, which was just aiight. Stick to Drifters or Twin Brothers for a superior culinary experience.

4. What to Do
The Bahamas is definitely a place where you chillax and enjoy life. This go round, all I needed was a beautiful beach! In the past, my cousins and I have gone on Booze Cruises, hopped on jet skis, swam with dolphins, and sunned on boats.
I would have loved to get on a boat this go round, but it seems we needed to plan a bit more in order to reserve something great. If you’re going with a large group, take a note from the Real Housewives and plan a full itinerary in advance so that you have fun excursions to do during the day. If not, the beach/pool combo certainly works!

Other notes: The people of Nassau are very warm, welcoming, and helpful, and the customer service was generally top notch! Things can get a little pricey (for example a Virgin Strawberry Daiquira was $9 at my hotel). That said, I was able to find that same Virgin Daiquiri for $3 in Arawak Cay! Avoid the tourist traps, mix and mingle, and be sure to enjoy every single sun filled moment in the beautiful Bahamas (where it’s better!).
Love + Light,
Images: Shawn T Photography + My New Iphone 7+

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