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The Bomb Life 101: 5 Vacation Tips for Entrepreneurs (How to Really Unplug)

Happy Monday, Bomb Lifers!
As I type, I am sitting in the Nassau airport, preparing to fly back to New York. This upcoming week is going to be one of the most intense yet! I am flying to St. Louis, Missouri on Thursday and Friday for the National Urban League conference, then to Houston for an Iconic Fashion Show on Saturday, THEN Cocktails with Claire on Sunday (details coming shortly). I feel like I’m running a marathon and this is the last lap before I can catch my breathe and relax!
I am taking a self prescribed vacation for August (save one trip to LA, so shoot me!) to refresh and also get ready for NYFW and London (we are having CWC in London, you heard it here first!). Anywho,this past weekend was supposed to be a little bit of respite before my onslaught of events, but I’ll be honest, it didn’t feel like it. My phone still rang, texts still came in, and I was basically working the whole time. So, next time I go on vacay, I have the following 5 tips to you entrepreneurs out there so that you can really unwind:

1. Leave your phone at home
claire sulmers puku charger ysl bag
I never thought I’d be that person who needed two phones, but I need two phones. Literally seconds after I’d post a pic on Instagram of me relaxing on the beach, someone would hit me up with, “I know you’re on vacation, BUT…” There is no BUT after that, by the way. Bothering someone while they’re on vacay with irrelevant nonsense (that can wait) is rude and selfish. But it’s my fault. I brought my phone. It’s almost impossible to be cut off completely from the world, but we need a filter. Yes, to stuff you wanna do (check Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on ), No to excessive texts and calls. For my next trip, I am leaving my ‘main line’ at home and getting a new number where only people I want to talk to can access me. Everyone else will get an out of the office message or the number to the Fashion Bomb Tips hotline (we’re getting one, we have to).

2. Leave your laptop at home also
I have to save myself from myself when it comes to my laptop. I’m like a moth to a flame, burned by the bright lights of a welcoming screen. I will be that girl pulling out a laptop on the beach (reference the picture above). That one’s totally my fault. But if you really want to relax, don’t bring work to the beach.

3. Make Sure You Research Your Hotel for Maximum Relaxation
marriott  1  claire sulmers curacao fashion bomb daily fe noel simply intricate 9 karl pierre
This morning I woke up early to soak in the last bits of sun before I had to leave. All was cool before a group of people swung by, talking loud, playing music, and spraying sunscreen into the ether. GOD bless ’em, of course they wanted to enjoy the sun also. I just wanted to enjoy the sun alone. Know thyself. Next time I’ll definitely search for reviews of the hotel and/or get an Airbnb with a few less distractions sprinkled around. The goal (for me) is peace AND quiet.

4. Take a Week
I was in the beautiful Bahamas for only 3 nights. I felt that as soon as I arrived, it was time to go. Next time, I’ll aim for 5-7 days to really get settled and feel refreshed.
5. Prepare; Make sure things are in place so that your Company can run like a well oiled machine
Part of the reason I couldn’t REALLY relax is because while the Fashion Bomb Daily staff does a great job, sometimes they still need some direction and input. We’re not at the point yet where people can just do their thing without me giving the green light. Before my next vacation, I’m going to make sure everyone on the FBD team has the tools they need to succeed, and keep the site/IG running like a well oiled machine.

That does it! Back to NYC. Back to the grind.
Do you guys have any additional tips that help you unwind?
Love & Light,
*I’m wearing a swimsuit by G Saint Swimwear. The top is WAY too small, so I wore an Equipment top, along with Fendi sunglasses. Hot! or Hmm..?

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