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The Bomb Life 101: Reflections on the USA vs. Cuba’s Stance on Guns and Racism in Light of Mass Shootings in Orlando

When I touched back down in the States this weekend, my Facebook timeline was flooded with sickening, heart wrenching news: 50 gay men were killed in a mass shooting in Orlando. 50 more were injured. All by one man with evil intent and free access to a gun.
Cuba is far from perfect. Mostly everything is crumbling or in disrepair. People don’t have the trappings of wealth or first world excess. But what impressed me the most about Cuba was their lack of racism and violence.
claire sulmers fashion bomb daily cuba no violence no racism
If people were poor, they were poor everywhere. Both black and white. And while we went about exploring, even up until 3am at night, we were assured that we were safe. Guns are outlawed in Cuba. Stealing carries a two year sentence in jail. So instead of violence, you are met with sincere smiles, open conversations, and invitations to dance.
INvitaiton to dance fashion bomb daily bomb life
Cuba is amazing claire sulmers fashion bomb daily
I noticed marked differences between the ways we interact with each other on our shores. In La Havana, there is a street by the ocean called Malecon where people of all ages gather at night to talk. It is dirty, the boardwalk is uneven, and you can see stray dogs everywhere.
A 90 mile/45 minute trip to Key West, and you see a clean, pristine boardwalk. Everything is perfectly paved, but there are no people. And the people you do see don’t talk to you.
key west boardwalk
I’m not saying I have the answers to our country’s gun problems. The obvious thought would be to outlaw guns completely. But seeing and experiencing Cuba showed me that it is possible for people to love and value each other. It is possible for there to be no racism or judgement. We asked about homosexuals in the Cuban community, and everyone we spoke to assured us that they were free to live their lives, unencumbered, free from hate.
alexander cuba gay
Even though we seem to be at the height of modernity and luxury in the States, it also seems as if our country is going backwards with even more racism and even more violence. I mean, how is this guy running for President with all the divisive, hateful things he has uttered in public forums?!?
donald trump is crazy
I am no politician, but I do think there is a lot we can learn by exploring other communities. Taking the best parts about them and implementing them here at home.
It is possible to eradicate racism and violence. I think America would implode if we got rid of capitalism, but outlawing guns is not that hard to do.
We’ve seen that humans are totally irresponsible when it comes to having guns. How many more innocent people must unnecessarily die at the hands of lunatics?
Pulse Shooting Orlando
Just a thought.
Love & Light,

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