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Hot As Hell at Howard University Homecoming: Wearing a Black Balmain Oversize Printed Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt, Leather Pants, and Balenciaga Centaur Boots

I’ve never been hotter than I was down in D.C. for Howard Homecoming. I shoulda checked the weather, but wrongly assumed that the end of October would herald cooler temps. Oh no. It was a blazing 80 degrees. It might as well have been the middle of July.

I wore a Balmain Oversized Jersey Sweatshirt, leather pants I’ve had for years, a Balmain belt, Balmain sunglasses from Eyechic Philly, and Balenciaga boots to head down to the hype homecoming. This is my idea of casual.

I ended up making it work and shopping on the go. I ran into these fine young men outside the Tampax booth who were selling “I am Black Excellence tees” and proceeded to purchase, then slip one on.

It worked!

I’m working with Tampax now for their new Radiant Dance Off campaign, and interviewed stylist and designer Bria Stinson regarding her participation in the program.

Stay tuned for the rundown on Fashion Bomb Daily!
Aside from working the Tampax booth, saying hey to Bombers and Bombshells, and burning up, I really enjoyed Howard Homecoming! It was lots of fun! I feel like having a tent next year…more on that later.
Until then, here’s a Bomb Life 101 tip: check the forecast. Duh.
Love & Light,

*Images: Justin Cohen
**Thank you to everyone who came by to say hiii!

You da bomb

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