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Claire’s Life: My Top Five Mint Infused Target Beauty Products; Girl + Hair’s Sulfate Free Cleanser, The Honey Pot’s Pads, C.O. Bigelow’s Mint Lotion, and More!

Last night, my sew in had reached its limit. For my weave girls, you know the feeling: when your scalp is itching like crazy, and you’ll reach for any sharp object (scissors, comb, wire hanger) to give your head some reprieve! I called my hairstylist, and she was too busy, so I dipped into my stash and unearthed some Girl + Hair products I’ve had since the summer.

While I had used their leave in conditioner before, this was my first time with their sulfate cleanser. As I dripped the turquoise hued liquid onto my enflamed scalp, I instantly felt relief. After lots of water and loads of suds, I felt like a new woman. MY SCALP FEELS AWESOME!

So, I am here to spread the word.

I am finding that I like products with mint in it–a lot. They open pores, increase blood circulation to the applied area, and most importantly make you feel all cool and fabulous–outside.

Behold, my top five picks:

  1. Girl + Hair Moisturizing Sulfate Free Cleanser, $12.99

The Girl + Hair system is made to take care of your scalp + hair under protective styles, so if you wear weaves and wigs (like me), this is for you! It is dermatologist designed and works wonders. You won’t regret getting this! All the bottles have applicators so you can get it in and under there! Follow the cleansers with their moisturizing products.

2. The Honey Pot Pads, $7.99

You won’t go back to normal pads after trying The Honey Pot! These pads are herbal infused. Imagine feeling crappy during that time of the month, then enjoying some tingling down there to help relieve some of those cramps. I can only say so much, but after you try these, you won’t accept anything else during your cycle.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Peppermint Liquid Soap, $9.99

While I’ve started using Girl + Hair and The Honey Pot more recently (this year), I’ve been a Dr. Bronner’s fan for years. This lathers up nicely, makes your skin feel clean, and actually works for a variety of household tasks, including washing dishes! Get this at Target or your local grocery store.

4. Mielle Babassu and Mint Deep Conditioner, $13.99

While Girl + Hair is great to wash my hair while I am wearing weaves, I use Mielle on wash days (in between weaves). I love their products, and this Babassu & Mint Deep conditioner restores moisture and leaves my hair feeling silky, smooth, and bouncy!

5. C.O. Bigelow Mint Body Lotion, $14

This product is not available at Target, but it is a must buy. Put this on after you shower. Slip on a cashmere set. And just relax. This stuff is AWESOME!

I can’t rave enough about these products. Who doesn’t want their beauty products to get those pores open and poppin?

Try any of the above and let me know what you think.

What do you think?

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