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The Downside of Being Busy, Booked, and Blessed

This morning, I raced to pack my bags and rush off to Newark for a flight to Baltimore for the National Urban League Conference. Pierre and I were invited to attend and cover street style; I’m also speaking on a panel!
At any rate, I was running behind, and I was only a few minutes away from the airport (though it was looking doubtful, I was probably going to miss it!). As I approached departures, I got a call from Pierre, who said…, “Claire…the flight is tomorrow.” Face Palm. Frazzled and Stressed, I returned back home, which is where I sit as I type.
claire sulmers fashion bomb daily hustle tee rayar chain jeans tom ford padlock pumps shoker dior
I am tired. TAHD. Every single week in August, I am booked and double booked, whether I’m speaking at, reporting on, or hosting an event. I’m trying to get that Oprah, which means I’m saying YES to a lot of invitations and opportunities that could help advance my career. But boy oh boy.
1  claire sulmers fashion bomb daily hustle tee rayar chain jeans tom ford padlock pumps shoker dior
Stressed and worn out are just a few words to describe my #Mood. Waking up at 5am doesn’t help either.
claire Sulmers fashion bomb daily
But there is hope! I recently got a new assistant, who is open to doing things for me. One of her first assignments: Getting a physical calendar book for me that enumerates all my engagements, and also reaching out to people, from hair to makeup to whatever, to help get me organized.
I’m normally a proponent of doing it on my own, but no more! Doing it on my own has me rushing to go to stuff at the wrong time (this happened once before, with another interview last week). I guess it’s ‘ok'(?) to think you’re about to miss a flight or meeting, only to find out it is, in fact, scheduled for the next day. I bet you I won’t be late for that flight tomorrow!
But there comes a time in life when you have to admit you need another set of eyes and another brain to help you out. It’s a blessing to be booked and busy, but it’s important to have space to think. Hopefully my bomb assistant will help me get it together!
How do you guys deal with stress and busy schedules?
Love + Light!
*I’m wearing a Hustle Tank from my collab with TeesintheTrap.com and Rayar Jeans.

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