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The Bomb Restaurant New York: Fish Cheeks

So I eat out a lot. Call it a side effect of living a busy, Bomb Life!
Last night, some friends and I popped by Fish Cheeks, a restaurant located at 55 Bond Street.
I hadn’t read anything about the restaurant before, but my friend is kind of a gastronomic connoisseur, so I trusted her suggestion. Boy, was it bomb. Bombs over Baghdad.
If I were you, I’d skip the appetizers and go straight to the mains. Get the Branzino (a whole fried fish), Crab Fried Rice, and Crab Curry. Wash it down with a Thai Iced Coffee.
Some dishes are already spicy (like the Crab Curry), but ask for extra hot sauce anyway. I love spicy food, and their red saucy adds just the right kick!
I was so hungry before I came, but got super full and there were still leftovers to take home.
A few notes: this place gets packed. Make reservations! It was so busy that we were asked to move from our table almost after immediately after settling the check. But hey, demand was off the charts! We went around 6:15pm which was pretty quiet. I’d suggest maybe going for lunch because there were some pretty amazing boutiques in the area (and the street is so picturesque!).
At any rate, I am no food writer, but I know what I like…and hopefully you’ll like Fish Cheeks, too!
If you try it out, let me know what you think.
Love + Light,

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