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The Bomb Life Lessons from Disney’s Cruella + Recap of our VIP Screening Wearing Jovana Louis, Esenshel, and Fashion Bomb Daily Shop!

The other night, I was honored to host a screening for Disney’s new film, Cruella, which tells the origin story of one of the franchises most treacherous and stylish villains, Cruella De Vil.

Orphaned at a young age, yet blessed with undeniable talent, the film tells the story of Estella, a designer and brilliant artist who changes the world of fashion through sheer grit and determination. Like me and so many others that Fashion Bomb Daily champions, she found a way to make her way into the industry and simply didn’t take no for an answer. She broke barriers, broke all the rules, and eventually become an icon.

The film is chock full of fabulous fashion, so I’d recommend going to see it today in Theaters and on Disney+ for the looks alone! I was honored to host an early screening for a bunch of fashionable folks and friends, including Mickey Freeman, Ty Hunter, LeA Robinson, TK Wonder, Rae Holliday, Alexis Bennett, Romeo Hunte, and so many others:

It felt amazing to be surrounded by friends once again. We’re ready to kick off events this Fall so keep it locked here for updates!

For the occasion, I sidled up to the movie’s Black, White, and Red theme in a Jovana Louis Jumpsuit, Esenshel hat, and McKenzie Liautaud earrings from

Every time I step outside, I am a champion for black designers, and for all designers who, like Estella, may feel overlooked or undervalued, yet deserve a place in the industry.

Cruella is in theaters and on Disney+ today. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Love & Light,

Images: Vizual Ape

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