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The Bomb Life Business 101: Invest in Yourself, Lessons from Cocktails with Claire

Hey Y’all!
So I’m in the midst of writing my new book, and I think the last part will offer a bunch of business tips (maybe). In order to run a business, you have to learn business, and I’ve learned a few lessons along the years. One big lesson I’ve learned is about the importance of investing in yourself.

By invest in yourself, I mean invest in your brand. Pay for that expensive photographer or videographer even though it pains you a bit to fulfill that invoice. Invest in your wardrobe. Get your makeup and hair done. In fashion, people can tell expensive from cheap, real from fake. Invest with whatever is in your budget at the time, knowing that you will most likely get a return on your investment if done right. Once you get a return on your investment, use that money to hire an even better makeup artist, splurge on even better items, and take even more fly pictures. Rinse, wash, repeat.

It’s very safe to stay where you are and do what is within your comfort zone, but you can’t elevate if you don’t take some risks and bet on yourself. Take Cocktails with Claire, for example. Our first year we had zero sponsors. We had one sponsor who pledged a nice chunk of change, but ultimately did not follow through (another business tip: always have a contract. Always honor it). So I actually lost money at our first Cocktails with Claire, and told myself that events weren’t worth the time and trouble (you might not know this but it actually takes a lot to put these on and do it right!). It took us a couple years before we had big sponsors like Toyota, Nivea, and Martini & Rossi. It took 4 years of sweat equity before we found a liquor sponsor who was willing to pay to be apart of an event with Cocktails in the name (instead of just donate product). It took me until now to find the perfect event planner (shout out to Steve!). We’ve made some mistakes, done the most, done the least, and we are now hitting our stride. This is a result of investing time and money in a dream to bring an online magazine like Fashion Bomb Daily to life in the real world.

Even for those who attend Cocktails with Claire, think about it. You pay $50 or so and you get the opportunity to be featured on a platform reaching over 1.3 million people around the globe and interact with people who could change the course of your life. I’ve featured a ton of Bombshells who have dropped by Cocktails with Claire on our Instagram feed, simply to say ‘Thanks’ for their support. Also, coming to Cocktails with Claire puts you right in front of industry insiders who could one day open doors for you.

I’ve been looking for a book agent, and went to an event the other day, and struck up a conversation with a woman. Within minutes, she offered to put me in touch with her agent. Prayers up that this next book will find a publisher (I tried self publishing and it is great, but I want/need a great publicist–yet another thing I’ve invested in in the past and haven’t got a return on. You also have to know WHEN an investment isn’t worth the money and move on. I cry inside thinking of how much money I’ve wasted on publicists, but that’s another post). Networking is key at any stage of your career. Get out there and meet people!

All that to say: invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Invest in education, your brand, and your career. It’s the greatest investment you could ever make.
Love & Light,

*Also, duh, come to Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter Atlanta! We have a bomb panel on Branding and Beauty you must attend featuring Miss Lawrence, Tahira from The Cut Life, De’Shaun Chancy, and more.

Tickets at CWCTYATL.Eventbrite.com.

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