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The Bomb Life 101: Happiness is a Matter of Persective

As I stared out from the 36th floor at the Waldorf Towers yesterday, celebrating my birthday, I thought back to my first January in New York many many moons ago.
As I wrote in my book, “My first day in New York was three days before my 23rd birthday. The weekend I arrived, I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to do in Time Out New York and so intimidated by all the many, many people walking on the street, all I could do was stare out the window and contemplate the possibilities. My birthday that year was very lonely. I tried to invite people out on the weekend before, but it was too last minute; besides I didn’t know the hot spots to go to. I cutely called the man I was seeing, who for all intents and purposes was my boyfriend in college (but we couldn’t call it that). He declined, citing another engagement, but said, “Thanks for thinking of me.” On my actual birthday I had my second dreadful day at New York magazine and came home to an empty room. My friend’s mother was thoughtful and bought me a slice of chocolate cake from the local Food Emporium. I sang “Happy Birthday” to myself while watching Family Guy. At least I had cable.”
Fast forward several years later, and I’m able to treat myself to an indulgent day at one of New York’s swankiest hotels. Champagne flowed. I ate lots of cake. I couldn’t be alone if I tried (my sister plus two of my friends slept over and yes I kept my tiara on all night)!
I guess birthdays are always good for reflecting back on where you started and how far you’ve come. I remember staring down at those streets feeling so scared by the vastness of New York City. No friends. And an internship that paid $5.15 an hour. I was dropped into a big ocean with no life vest, and it seems I’m close to the shore.
I guess the point of this post is to just be grateful. It’s easy to get upset about what you don’t have or what’s not going right (please believe several people TRIED ME on my special day!). But happiness is all a matter of perspective and recognizing just how blessed you are to have come this far.
To infinity and beyond…
Love + Light,

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