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The Bomb Life 101: Always Be Prepared (You Never Know Who You’ll Meet)

Happy Wednesday, folks!
Excuse my absence yesterday. I was doing my expenses, and it literally consumed every minute of my time (and I’m still not done…!). We’ll save that for another post.
For today, I wanted to say: Always be Prepared.
I was invited last minute to a Revolt TV x Urban World Film Festival dinner, forgetting that I had another meeting at the same time. I would’ve gotten my makeup done for the dinner, but figured my meeting was going to run over, so eschewed the lashes and contour, and basically went bare faced, thinking it would be a low key night. I went for a simple Issey Miyake dress (with a YSL pin), Alaia shoes, and a Chanel bag, not sporting the usual sparkles and colors. I digress.
My meeting ended early, and I had time to kill, so decided to pop by the dinner before going to my next meeting.
I walk in, and the room is full of influential people from the worlds of politics, media, and film. And almost immediately, we’re asked to go to the front of the room and introduce ourselves!
Here I am thinking I’ll just pop in, have some wine and lobster, and be on my merry way, but no!
Lobster  Starbien Restaurant Cuba
This dinner was one of the most powerful gatherings I’ve ever experienced. While it’s natural for me to want to slink into the shadows, the situation simply didn’t call for it!
So all I can say is: Always be ready to speak. Always be ready to pitch yourself. Always be ready to ask for you want when the situation presents itself. And always represent your brand whenever you step outside the door!
11  claire sulmers thakoon addition jumpsuit issey miyake vest fashion bomb daily grey ant sunglasses
While I would’ve loved layers of lashes, they weren’t necessary! And I’m glad I wore something chic and simple! Bottom line is, you never know who you’re going to run into or meet. You never know when you’ll be called to present your brand to people who can help you.
So always be prepared!
Love + Light,
*Nicole Ari Parker is pictured above. She is such a sweetie! We modeled our black looks and Chanel bags.

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