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The Bomb Life 101: A Quick Note About Respect and Bossing Up!

This weekend had me thinking about RESPECT.
One can have money. One can have power or influence. But without respect, they have nothing.
I began thinking about this after Lemon Gate at Del Frisco’s. The waitress, for some reason, thought it was ok to disrespect me. I’m generally a sweet and nice person. But in that moment, I had to check her and be a little…curt so that she could understand that I’m not the one.
A lot of times you hear of women in the industry being a ‘Diva’ or a “B*tch.” But sometimes women have to be a little prickly so that people won’t try to get over, take what they did not earn, or treat them in a way that does not reflect their worth. Sometimes we have to be a bitch so that people don’t run all over us! And those who can’t be mean themselves tend to have a guardian nearby.
At any rate, everything in moderation. I don’t give someone a tongue lashing unless they deserve it. I’m generally nice and affable until someone is disrespectful. That said, if you work hard and know your worth, demand respect. Boss Up!
And make no apologies about doing so.
Love & Light,

Images: @KelBPics
**Some random seems to think demanding respect wreaks of entitlement. Maybe it does! I am not a diva, but I know my worth! Know yours.

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