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Lobster with Lemon Gate: Don’t Eat At Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse In Washington D.C’s City Center (950 I St NW)

Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting old? Why does so much stuff bother me?
But then I think: I don’t complain that often. I complained about Marriott when housekeeping spilled liquid on my laptop (this does not happen everyday). And now I’m complaining about Del Frisco’s at 950 I St NW at City Center in Washington, D.C. Because my experience was bad enough to blog about it.
I had a long, full day today. I celebrated my Woe Magazine cover with an afternoon full of fashion shows, cover talks, and book sales. I brought 35 books with me (that was all that could fit into my carry on) and completely sold out! There were about 10 people who weren’t able to get their books (they’re available on FashionBombDailyShop.com, y’all).



I felt ‘loved on.’ People were blessing me with their presence and spirit. After most of my events, I feel uplifted, encouraged, and jubilant!! After this event, I was all of those…but I was also hungry. When I go to events, I am usually too busy signing books and taking selfies to have a drink or eat some food. So imagine, I had a few grapes at 10am and was out of there at 5pm. I was famished. Happy but famished.


After shooting my #ootd with @KelBPics, I decided to treat both of us to dinner. We shot by the stores at City Center and wanted to eat nearby. We meandered around, and though Fig & Olive looked very busy, we opted for Del Frisco’s. We sat down and everything was totally cool! I ordered a VIP, a Crab Cake, Brussel Sprouts, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and an 18 ounce lobster (yeah, I was hungry).

Ok, you see how homegirl is cutting the lobster from its shell and there is lemon on the side? Well, right after she removed the meat from the shell she took it upon herself to take the wedge of lemon on the side of the lobster and squeeze it all over my meal. Thus kickstarted lemon gate.
Read more in my Yelp.com review (I don’t play that):

“I told her I don’t like lemon. She didn’t agree with me not liking lemon (?). I’m not quite sure why it was an issue to her, but she was unreasonably rude afterwards.

The first person to approach me was the sommelier (not the manager) Freddy Gonzalez. He tried to convince me to take the lobster that had been ruined (in my eyes) by this overeager waitress. But I figured I was paying almost $40 for my meal so I deserved it served the way I would like. So instead of have the cook throw it on the grill with spices to conceal the lemon, I wanted a new lobster.

This flummoxed, disrespectful waitress came back, and asked if I was allergic to lemon? Did I like the Brussel Sprouts because those have lemon in them (they were half eaten, so she was just being a you know what). Just so I know, lobster is served with lemon. Next time I come, she will make a note not to put lemon on my food without asking (even though I was visiting from out of town and only come to D.C. occasionally). Her tone was taunting, sarcastic, condescending, and rude. This is not the type of service one should receive when paying handsomely for food.

Finally I asked to speak to the manager (now my meal and experience had been completely ruined). Kimberly Leombruno did eventually come over and carved my lobster herself. She was apologetic. I asked for a new waiter…and received one. He happened to have all the best lemon jokes (Badum Bum Ching). He was nice, but I found even his jokes to be on the level of high school immaturity. Like how dare I ask for my food to be served the way I like when I am paying for it?

I’m just struggling to understand why I was given such a hard time? Why did this waitress feel so entitled? I spent $200 on food for two (and this is the 2nd time I’ve paid handsomely for food at this restaurant). With $14 drinks and $50 entrees, can we at least have it our way? Burger King costs $5 and they lived by that slogan for 40 years.

I was so disappointed in the treatment I received. Manager Kimberly Leombruno did knock a few things off the bill, but I feel like the waitress should have been fired. There is no room for surly attitudes and overzealous zesting of food in fine dining.

For lobster, butter is on the side. Lemon is on the side. I can put it on if and how I like. And if I tell you I don’t like it, say OK and I’m sorry. It could have been so simple.

I was going to just let it go, but people need to know. This Del Frisco’s was absolutely horrible and I will most likely never go again.

I’ve learned to never say never (proud of me?). And the update on Marriott is that they did ultimately reimburse me for my laptop. They are a company that is invested in its customers.
The food at Del Frisco’s was aiight (though I’d say the Crab Cake and the VIP cocktail were poppin). Shout out to the Fashion Bomb Daily readers working the hostess stands! Y’all were sweet!
But otherwise. Del Frisco’s: I want my money back. All of it. And my lemon on the side.
Love ya, mean it,

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